Are you a no-profit?

Create your multisignature wallet with Helperbit and take part in the transparency revolution!

Free forever

  • No initial cost
  • No management cost
  • No usage fee

Operative benefits

  • Open a new channel for fundraising
  • Offer a new transparency tool to your donors and workers
  • Opportunity to exchange Bitcoin in local currency thanks to our partners
  • Accept automatically Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies donations on your website


  • Full and exclusive control over your funds
  • Funds always available anytime
  • Helperbit does not own the keys to manage the wallet
  • Maximum security thanks to multiple signatures
  • Recover the funds anytime even if Helperbit is offline

Support and consultancy

  • Training on cryptocurrencies, creation and use of the Helperbit multisignature wallet
  • Consultancy on cryptocurrencies’ fiscal and regulatory framework
  • Support and live technical assistance from Helperbit

and many other features that we are developing...

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