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bitcoin italian earthquake relief fund

In the last few months devastating shakes hit central Italy, destroying almost completely many mountain villages, killing nearly 300 people and displacing 22 thousand inhabitants. Legambiente and other partners decide to start the crowdfunding campaign named “La rinascita ha il cuore giovane” to help local young entrepreneur. Thanks to Helperbit, that provides the multisignature wallet service, Legambiente now accepts also bitcoins, allowing direct international donations and monitoring in real time the total raised amount.




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the rebirth has a young heart

We want to help territories and communities to restart with a leading role with the aim of a better future of tradition, innovation and solidarity.

It is very difficult, stay in front of death and devastation caused by the natural disaster that hit central Italy in recent months, imagine a future for the territories and the communities of the areas affected by the earthquake, in particular the municipalities that have suffered the most, as Amatrice, Accumoli, Arquata del Tronto and their numerous hamlets.

Alongside the immediate priorities, starting with the relief for people who have lost everything, family and assets, it is essential to support local businesses that laboriously had started a new possible season of rebirth in those lands of our country characterized by abandonment and depopulation. We think about companies that had and still have as protagonists young entrepreneurs that wanted and still wants, with pride and passion, remain where they were born and where they chose to live, betting on local agricultural and food, biological and high-quality production, sustainable tourism, commerce and craft, beautiful landscapes and extraordinary natural heritage of parks and protected areas.

The fundraising campaign promoted by Legambiente, Libera, Altromercato, Federparchi, Alleanza Cooperative Italiane Giovani, Alce Nero and Fondazione Symbola is dedicated to them and to the idea of rebuilding and rebirth with the "young heart". With the resources that will be collected, a fund to help young entrepreneurs and cooperatives that suffered damages to structures and productions will be set up. We want to support and promote their economic activities and finance projects presented by those that, in front of the tragedy of the earthquake, want to react, investing on new corporate initiatives in those areas. Together, we want to rebuild the productive fabric of that area, working on a new civil, ecological and supportive economy.

The reconstruction of these places, that will done with care and particular attention to the history and roots of those who live there, must be accompanied by the rebirth of supportive communities, supported in their desire to restart, as protagonists, in memory of those who died due to the earthquake.

This is what we want to do together, thanks also to your contribution.

(source: legambiente)

the innovation, what's new

Legambiente is the first big non profit organization in Italy to adopt Bitcoin and the powerful innovative Blockchain technology; it is also probably the first NGO in the world to use a multi signature wallet, managing directly the bitcoin funds without intermediaries. This lead to a high level of security, low operation fees and the opportunity to accept foreign donations, opening an additional channel for the fundraising. The easy-to-use wallet service is provided totally by Helperbit and thanks to its open source wallet recovery tool, the organization will be able to access and withdraw the funds from their Bitcoin wallet in any case.

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