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the fact

According to UN, every year 100.000 people die due to natural disasters and the number of those affected is up to 200 million. By 2030, there could be 325 million people trapped in poverty and exposed to the full range of natural hazards and climate extremes.

the issue

The entire charity sector has been damaged by corruption, fraud and in addition the lack of transparency, inefficiency and unfair redistribution of funds bring people to not trust nonprofit organitations and avoid to donate.

our vision

Donors should be able to decide how their donation is used. Organizations that act properly should not be affected by few bad behaviors. Our aim is to offer tools that allow the system to work with a complete audit of economic flows.








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Guido Baroncini Turrichia



Davide Menegaldo



Davide Gessa



Vincenzo Agui

Security Manager


Roberto Tudini



Gianluca Carbone

GIS developer


central Italy, the day of rough post-earthquake reality

On August 24th, a strong earthquake with a magnitude greater than 6 Richter struck the center of Italy between the Sibillini Park and the Gran Sasso and Monti della Laga Park. As you know, Helperbit is not yet live, but, while the other...

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